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The Front Porch Divas

We all know strong, determined women. Divas! Heck, some of us are strong, determined women. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that life…real life, comes with issues.  Those issues include marriage, men, adult children, finances, career, health and seasons of life changes.

These are the stories of The Front Porch Divas.

What do Front Porch Divas look like?

Women like LUCY– whose husband divorced her after over 40 years of marriage to ‘find himself’ but somehow he keeps finding himself back in her bed!  She was waiting on him to make up his mind about coming back home but then her neighbor cut the grass…

Do you know any Lucy’s?

Front Porch Divas image 


BROOKS-She’s hit the mid-century mark with a vengeance! Independent and a shrewd businesswoman, she was never one to concern herself with what others thought about her lifestyle or choices. She’s been shocking her family and friends since she gave her ex-husband custody of their children and started her own business. The temperature will rise when they find out she’s in a new relationship…and with who!


NINA– She worked two jobs to get her children through school after her husband died. She put her all into her family, now she’s putting her all into herself.  Working and going back to college to get the degree she forfeited when she got pregnant as a freshman. You’d think her family would rally around her…but there is always one…

bigstock-Angry-AA Businesswoman-At-Desk-14960483   Smiling Woman Drinking Coffee And Looking At Laptop

JAHANNA– This stylish and business savvy beauty salon owner has worked hard to get where she is but it looks like her challenges aren’t over yet. In a legal battle with her soon to be ex-husband over her business, she’s been dealt another blow…her doctor needs to see her…now!


Life goes on and these women ‘take it on’!

Do you know anyone who resembles these sassy, seasoned  and determined women?

Are you one of them?

Well, whether you are of  ‘diva’ status or not, these stories will touch you…these stories will move you!


Renee Wiggins Life Changes–Adjust!

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Great day to you! Healthy lifestyle advocate and author, Renee Wiggins dispenses some mother wit for women of a certain age.

Front Porch Divas, listen up!

Scene Location: On the Porch

Diva One: There you go putting that doughnut in your mouth. You just ate. And why are you drinking a diet soda? Since I have been exercising, my blood sugars have dropped and I lost 15 inches. I am so glad that I listened to my doctor. When she discovered I had diabetes, I realized I didn’t want to die. I wanted to see my grand babies grow up.

Diva Two: I exercised, but I didn’t see any changes. So I dropped out of class. Who cares anyway?

This is a conservation most women have when they are 50+ years. These women gave up trying to become healthy quickly and exchanged their sneakers and outfits for doughnuts and fries.

Our bodies are not like they were when we were 20 years old, where the body can bounce back from a pregnancy or surgery. The fifty plus-sized woman must focus on “being healthy.” And what does that mean: being able to walk, run, stand for long periods of time, reaching for the top shelf, carrying grocery bags and of course, being able to lift their grandchildren.

Just 10 minutes a day can help you stay on the right track, however, 20 minutes can increase the quality of life for 50+ old women.  If you don’t have time for 20 minutes, then focus on 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon. As Nike states, “Just Do It.”  Get off the porch (or couch) and start walking. Walking is inexpensive and easy to do. You can walk at the local mall, around the track at your local school or walk in your neighborhood.

Stop with the excuses!!!

You can march or walk in place in front of the television.  Believe it or not you can walk away the pounds.

Start slowly and gradually increase your steps and/or time. Grab your husband, children or girlfriend and walk. Map out a time frame for your walking.

You can do it, diva!


Renee Wiggins head shot photoRenee Wiggins has mentored, trained and changed lives in the health and wellness industry for more than 20 years. Renee a strong believer and encourager in living an authentic , healthy lifestyle. Renee specializes in designing customized lifestyle programs that are tailored to client needs, goals and habits. Her areas, whose mission s to help people achieve optimum health through nutrition and fitness supplemented with stress reduction techniques. She is author of several books, Stress Down and Lift Up and Transformations: Give Up The Struggle and her latest won the Christian Writer’s Award ” Being Fabulously Fit in God’s Kingdom: A 40-Day Journey to Wellness. You can contact Renee through email at