Renee Flagler-She Rages On!

In the true sense of DIVA (Distinguished, Intelligent, Vibrant and Ageless)  our guest today fits the bill. Renee Flagler is a dynamic woman who reminds us of the energizer bunny. She is not only touching lives but changing them! Read her bio and then listen as we get her to take a breath long enough to do this interview. This award-winning author, educator and activist has it going on!

Renee Flagler

About Renee!

Renee Daniel Flagler is an award-nominated author, award-winning journalist and creative writing teaching artist. A speaker who is passionate about encouraging women and girls to pursue their passion and purpose. Renee is an advocate for empowering youth by influencing literacy in the United States and abroad. She is the Program Manager for Girls Inc. of Long Island whose mission is to empower girls to be strong, smart and bold.  She is also the Board Chair for LEAP (Literacy Empowerment Action Project) Global, an organization with a mission to provide innovative literacy, youth empowerment programming, and high school scholarships to students in Ghana, Africa.

Society Wives

Listen as Renee tells about her goals, projects and accomplishments!

Renee resides in New York and is currently at work on her next novel and her first, nonfiction book entitled, Passion is a Lifestyle. Renee’s book, Society Wives, has been optioned for film. She also pens romance novels under the pseudonym Nicki Night.



Renee Flagler Raging on article

Her novels!

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Read about some of Renee’s activities and projects!

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