Whatever life throws at her she gives it 110%! For her, a challenge is simply
another opportunity to learn. Not one to fear traveling new roads, she focuses
on the issue at hand and blocks out any discouraging or distracting chatter.
Her motto is, ‘I never lose! I win or I learn!'


Front Porch Divas know that no woman makes it alone. Her success is built
on the shoulders of those who came before her and her responsibility is to
provide that same kind of support for those on the road with her and the
foundation for those coming behind her. She considers it her responsibility to
be fully present for her tribe and that means to love, support and yes,
sometimes call them on their ‘mess’. She expects the same from them!
Her motto is, ‘Show up and cover the ground you stand on!’


Whether she is being the life of the party or the elegant woman holding court
in the corner of the room… whether talking, observing or sipping her
beverage of choice, you will know a Front Porch Diva when you see one. She
doesn’t draw attention to herself, she exudes that something that causes her
to stand out! Her aura attracts people to her though they can’t explain "the
what," they definitely know "the who."
Her motto is, 'A real queen helps another queen straighten her crown.'


Though a real Diva is the epitome of class and sass, she refuses to let the
date on a calendar dictate what she should or should not do.  A lifelong
student, she opens herself to new interesting possibilities and opportunities
whenever they are presented. Being a seasoned woman and not a foolish
one, she sets her boundaries paying attention to her body, mind, soul, and
spirit. She realizes that they must work in concert for her to be the best she
can be.
Her motto is, ‘Neither class nor sass comes with a birthday!’

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